Supernova Gift Card

Whether it's a festive anniversary, a birthday party, a birthday gift, a prom, a graduation party, a holiday gift, a business gift, or some other important occasion, you won't go wrong with the gift card.

By giving a Supernova gift card, you can give a gift that lasts as long as 12 months, which is also a period during which you can do your shopping. A gift card is a great choice for last-minute decisions as well, and it will please those who are most demanding.

Gift cards are available for replenishment in the amount of EUR 10 to EUR 300 and can be used in all Supernova Croatia shopping centres. 

*All gift cards that were purchased with kuna amounts, as of January 1, 2023. will automatically convert to Euros at a fixed conversion rate of 7.53450 and are valid until their expiry regardless of conversion.